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Produced for Nickelodeon
/ Client: Mtv Networks
We developed a pack of bumpers for series and shows such as Sponge Bob, Mighty B!, Big Time Rush, Victorious and Fan Boy & Chum Chum among others.

Although we were asked to follow the Nick International Style guide, we faced different kind of challenges making these two bumper sets. Both sets were aimed to be ‘full action bumpers’, meaning that we needed to integrate footage and graphics in a clever and playful way.

For the 'TOON' set we developed more specified actions based on the character motions. Each one has different movements and cameras to integrate the footage with final graphics. We chose specific moments and certain parts of a cartoon’s movie library to make each bumper a unique piece.

The 'LIVE' Bumpers featured Nickelodeon’s series and shows. In this case we worked on three different, solid and totally editable projects so as they can be easily updated with fresh content.


  • Original Idea & Concept


    Art & Creative Direction

  • Art & Creative Direction

    Ignacio Sandoval Chris O' Farrell
  • 2D Animation & Storyboars

    Ignacio Sandoval
  • Foley Sound Artist

    Ignacio Cantisano

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