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Produced for Disney Channel Latam. + Pol-ka Producciones
/ Client: Disney Channel Latam.
Violetta is the brand new Disney Channel TV series, it's a co-production within Disney Channel Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Pol-ka Producciones (Argentina).

We were contacted by the folks at Disney Latam only 45 days in advance to lead and produce the entire opening credits of the series. We developed all kinds of tasks along the production line: Idea & scripting, storyboarding, shooting direction (through Pol-Ka Producciones), chroma keying, tracking, design, 3d modeling, 2d & 3d animation, editing, compositing and post-production. The series was released the past 14th May and it is a HIT! We are proud of that! This meant running against time but we succeeded in doing so after large workdays and even sleepless nights.

Based on a strict calendar and hard work, together with the entire team of HippieHouse, we reached a high-end piece with excellent results in its category. Starred with a multinational cast, Violetta tells the story of a talented teenager who will duly discover her artistic vocation attending a music school where she'll find best friends, lovers and enemies. Her most precious object is her personal diary in which she writes and draws her feelings and all that she experiences in her everyday life.We invite you to enter her diary and travel through the magic world of Violetta!


  • Original Idea & Concept

    Disney Channel Latam.

    Art & Creative Direction



    Ignacio Sandoval Chris O´Farrell

    Animation Director

    Ignacio Sandoval

    Assistant Director

    Chris O´Farrell
  • 3D Cameras & Animation

    Andreas Binkert Ignacio Sandoval

    3D Artists

    Ignacio Sandoval Sebastián Raffaele Andreas Binkert

    3D Lightning & Composition

    Ignacio Sandoval Sebastián Raffaele

    2D Backgrounds & Cameras

    Chris O´Farrell

    2D Animators

    Ignacio Sandoval Chris O´Farrell
  • 2D Compositors & Editors

    Ignacio Sandoval Chris O´Farrell

    Storyboards, Illustrator & Stop-Motion Animator

    Eber Santonocito

    Nuke Keying, Tracking & Flares

    Marcos Montané

    Render Supervisor

    Sebastián Raffaele

    Title Credits

    Marcos Montané

    Logo Animator

    Dalmiro Buigues
  • At Disney Channel Latam

    Audio Track

    Original Version from ´En mi mundo´


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